Imperial Naval Dagger


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With a hand edged scabbard. Absolutely gorgeous, near 100% gold to all exterior fittings. Phenomenal ivory grip with a double wire twist. Has original knot still affixed. The true exotic of this piece is in the crossguard. It is a double eagle crossguard, much like the Addlebert dagger which is a grosser size. It is absolutely in pristine condition. The blade is WKC stamped Damascus and it is distributor marked on the reverse with the cross swords and G.B.& S., which is a double over-stamp as the picture shows. Ultra rare dagger in pristine gorgeous condition. This item comes with a portfolio of the owner which was a Siegfried Punt. Handed up as an admiral and comes with a dossier though the dagger is not marked to him it originated from his family. The rear of the scabbard also has a small ring affixed to the upper part between the upper band and the throat. It was obviously used for vertical wear in lieu of using the standard suspension double ring hangers.

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