SS Himmler Dagger by Eickhorn


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The upper section of this piece is in extraordinary condition. Except for some minor crazing and lines to it the front is perfect. The rear has small abrasion to the wood but no cracks and no wood is missing. Actually the reverse has one small hairline crack but it does not compromise the grips integrity. The lower cross guard is benchmarked “2.” Has the high neck bird as one wants to see and the scabbard is beautiful with 100% anodization. A lot of lacquer remains with some striations going through it where rubbing and whatnot has occurred. Has almost a rust appearance, however, it is just the age into the lacquer. The ball is perfect and all 4 screws are in tact. The blade is near mint condition with almost burnishing remaining in both motto and logo. Very hard to find this quality anymore. It seems everybody wants SS and these are just not around.

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