British Fairbairn Sykes Knife 2nd Pattern


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An extremely rare item being a virtually mint unissued condition 2nd pattern Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife, totally untouched piece, the blade is full length and bright in its original profile, it has not been sharpened or re-tipped. Absolutely clear logos of the FS fighting knife to one side and the Wilkinson Sword Company, London to the opposite side. Still covered in original grease. The machine turned grip is still with all its blackened finish and with a build-up of verdigris where it has lain against the leather scabbard since WWII. The scabbard itself, as with the knife is in superb condition, all of the blackened finish to the lower scabbard chape is intact. The leather leg tabs have been cut off. The elastic hilt retaining band is complete and undamaged but has lost some of its elasticity. The leather is totally unmarked. Accompanying the knife is an item that we have never encountered being a 17cm long X 3cm wide at its widest point steel sock knife. This item is very similar but much longer than the thumb knives that are shown on page 90 of British & Commonwealth Military Knives by Ron Flook. It has no scabbard, is made from solid steel with sharpened edges. The point has been slightly burred and was obviously a concealed knife for carrying in a belt or sock. These two incredibly rare items were part of the estate of Captain R.S. Edlin, the two items were recently acquired from his daughter and his daughter supplied copy paperwork relating to her fathers service. Excellent grouping.

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