Ultra Deluxe Hunting Cutlass


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This absolutely stunning hunting cutlass is made by the firm of Jacob Bunger and Sohn. This piece, which is extraordinary, is triple engraved with massive floral patterns on one side and on the reverse, is named to an individual named Kumpel. The blade is in excellent overall condition and only has minimal wear for its age. The actual artistry of this piece comes out in the upper handle area which shows a panther fighting a striking cobra. The handle is a gilded brass with inset mother of pearl. The cross guards are basically a sea creature swallowing the cross guard. As you can see, the definition of the eye and the other attributes of a sea creature. The scabbard, whose upper fitting has a panther and a lot of filigree work and is deeply engraved, which follows all the way down to the lower drag. The scabbard is covered in a velvet-like material and appears from a slight tear in the upper right section of the velvet that the underside is probably a stitched together skin which was soaked and assembled to form the scabbard shell. It comes with its original suspension frog which on the back needs to be re-stitched, however all the material is there and is not at all detracting to the piece.

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