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This Third Reich shooting prize sword is the 1938 pattern. The part that makes this piece nice is that it was given to a Knights Cross winner, Karl Pillar of Inf. Rgt. 53. This piece was done by Alcoso and has a nice gold ricasso double marked. On the one side it shows considerable wear in the lower 2/3 of the blade whereas the Damascus could be cleaned up. Unfortunately the panel which states the 1938 honor prize has been damaged. On the more important part, the part which actually names the recipient (it should be noted that he was from a light machine gun regimen) is in 80% condition. The Damascus being very nice; the gold and the blue panels are bright and one can make out everything in the presentation panel and most all of the gold is on the name, dates, etc. The externals on this piece are nice. It has a perfect grip, triple wire wrapped, beautiful detailed long winged eagle, a lot of hand finish work to this hilt. The scabbard is early which is anodized.

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