Engraved Army Lion Head Engraved Sword by E. Pack and Son


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The exterior of this piece show near mint. It has a cross swords languet. Near 100% gold remaining. Very chiseled and ornate back strap with a shield and trumpets. Lion is deeply chiseled with both ruby eyes intact. Grip shows no signs of cracking. Sports the original sword knot. Scabbard shows wear but is original paint. The real rarity and beauty of this piece is in the blade. It has a very art deco engraving, triple engraved. A very chiseled, stylized oak leaf, acorn motif sporting engraving with a machine gun crew, and a Holitzer on one side and a very fine almost twigish engraving on the spine. And then on the reverse it shows a sword and shovel, the bust profile of a soldier. Shows an 88 anti-aircraft unit and it shows a paratrooper jumping out of a plane coming onto a village. You don’t see this type of engraving very frequently on engraved swords and would rate rare.

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Dimensions 36 × 8 × 8 in