General Goring Regimental Standard with Pole Top and Streamers


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Flag of fine Jager green with large white central swastika enclosing the Prussian eagle holding sword in one talon and the other three bolts of lightning with the Latin motto above ‘PRO GLORIA ET PATRIA’, these all enclosed in a silver wire laurel wreath. The eagle is superbly detailed and has the wings picked out in a black cloth to add to the depth of the embroidery. To the four corners of the flag are silver wire flamed grenades. Silver wire tassels to the three sides of the flag. Accompanied by the original banner top, this is the type associated with the 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment which is in the form of the pointed top with Prussian state police starburst emblem to the center, the 2nd and 3rd battalions used the Luftwaffe eagle banner top. Also comes with an original set of standarte streamers which are the correct type for this flag, with a dark green strip to the bullion brocade body. The flag does show some wear and has some slight damage to the silk in the center, however this is an extremely rare flag and one that does not turn up very often compared to other regimental standartes which are all rare in their own right. See the book “Flags and Standards of the Third Reich” by Brian Leigh Davis, pages 152-155 for more information on this type of standarte.

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