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The following group is to Franz Ritter Von Epp. Von Epp was a professional soldier having started serving in W.W. 1 and joined the Nazi party in 1928. He held the rank of general in the army and the NSKK and was also a Reichleiter of the NSDAP. This grouping consists of a beautiful sword with Damascus blade. It is a maiden hair pattern with the upper section of the blade engraved and on the front section his coat of arms. The spine of the sword is marked to Cleef & Koller Solingen. The handle is a triple wire wrapped ray skin in excellent condition. The lions head retain both of the ruby red eyes. What makes this piece unique is that on the front, there is a cameo portrait of the EPP in army general uniform. The reverse has an oval enameled initial. The back strap has a skull and a shield of white enameled with a black cross. The blade measures 33.5 inches. One can see, where all the devices were pinned and then blended into the brass hilt. The second and third item are for his honor position in the NSKK. The kepi is stunning. The interior is a standard unmarked model with oil cloth upper lining. It has a full leather sweat band. The exterior is super. It has the silver wire embroidered wire on reddish / fuschia. The fuschia wool is in excellent condition. It has silver bullion piping as one can see in the photos. It has the 1.5 cm zig-zag tress which shows no oxidation. Overall a fine cap that though unnamed came with Epps over coat. As one can see, it has general rank machine sewn collar tab. The Killer part of the piece is the cuff title for NSKK/Ehrenfurer. It also has the pink outlined eagle on the right sleeve reserved for high ranking members of the NSKK. Then there is the machine stitched name tag in the pocket (Date: 16. August 1938) The tailor was J. Tippel, Munchen. It has the remnants of a silk label by the neck but time has not been kind. There is no mothing and the doe skin is super. It has a suspension strap inside for a sword or a dagger. A very historical grouping.

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