Luftwaffer Flak Schellenbaum Eagle and Flag


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This absolutely mint stunning eagle retains 99% of its original finish. Except for some minor areas where the air has gotten under the original lacquer, this piece is near flawless. The wing tips have the usual holes as does the tail, which vented the heat when the eagles were made. It retains its original clip, that would hold the Schellenbaum in the talons of the eagle. This is not a mated set. It had originally come together. The flag is absolutely perfect. There is no damage to any of the silk. Either front or back. It is dedicated to Flak Regiment 33 2nd ABT. The fringe as you can see is perfect. It has the original hanger that would be held by the eagle’s mouth and also the drawstrings that were held to the jingling johnny so it did not flip around in the wind. There is no oxidation. It is the early style eagle, which is absolutely stunning.

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